Thursday, October 20, 2011


The sun came out just in time for apple pie! I don't make pies often but I enjoy making them when I do! For those of you wondering, yes I did wear an apron :)

I do use store bought pie crust because making it from scratch is tedious and precise measurements are needed, and I never measure anything.

We peeled about 20 apples for two pies.  

Every few  handfuls of sliced and peeled apples I added a squeeze of lemon to prevent the apples from browning, a tote full of local macintosh and 6 granny smiths.

I added unknown amounts of flour, sugar, nutmeg (just a tad because I don't care for it), brown sugar, and lots of cinnamon to the apples along with a splash of orange juice to help it all mix together.

I tasted the mixture and realized the apples were a bit tart so I added a little extra sugar.  Apple pies are so easy because you can taste the filling while making it and add more of the flavors you like.

Lightly spray the pie plates and rolled out the bottom crust.

It's ok if the apples are well above the pie plate because they will bake down.

I like lattice my crust so I rolled out the dough and used the rolling pin to make it a little wider so it could stretch over the mile-high apple pie :) Then I sliced the dough to about 3/4 inch slices.

Start in the center and work out.

It looks complicated but it's 'easy as pie' :)

Egg washed (scrambled egg with warm water added) and sprinkled with turbando sugar to make it sparkle.

My timer didn't go off! So it's a little darker than I'd like but still golden brown goodness.  I don't know if I can wait until after dinner to taste it!


  1. Looks very good, almost as good as Nona's apple pie!

  2. hi- it's your friend lydia, remember me? i live right down the street from you and i would love a dinner invitation or maybe a slice of pie. ain't too proud to beg