Friday, October 28, 2011

Boda for Your Birthday

Tomorrow is the man-friends birthday and we are having a super spooky costume party to celebrate, so tonight I took him out to dinner for his once yearly free date ;) We went to Boda , a delightful Thai Tapas restaurant in the Old Port.  I've been a few times since moving here and am never disappointed! There was a wait for a table so we sat at the bar.

Can you guess his from hers brews?

I bet you guessed wrong, mines the darker one.  Peak Organic Fall Summit. Crisp, hoppy, and delish. 

Quail eggs. Amazing.

Grilled shrimp with lime dipping sauce.

When I find a menu item I like somewhere, I very rarely deviate from it.  But, tonight I had my eye on the yellow curry, with a bit of persuasion from the bartender and I was sold. Sooo glad I tried it! It was amazing. The warmth and the spice of the curry felt great for my cold :) This might be my new fav.

Cam loves the the beef paneang and had it again tonight.  I love the banana leaves they use as garnish.

A delicious dinner was a great way to spend birthday eve :) Today, I was busy with preparations for the Halloween/birthday party for tomorrow.  Our costumes are top secret and so are the ghoulish decorations and treats.  The suspense is killing you I know ;)

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