Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hint Hint

Tonight I came home to a box of risotto and container of frozen shrimp on the counter (I guess this was a not-so-subtle hint to what my man-friend wanted for dinner!)

I just love this creamy parm risotto, it's so easy and so good. 

Garlic and yogurt butter mixture to saute the shrimp in.

mmmm watch those things sizzle

When the shrimp were cooked I added haricot verts to the pan (French green beans) and stirred it all together.  I really like almonds with green beans so I toasted some slivered almonds in a non-stick pan to put on top.

Some vino, obvi.  We've been using a decanter lately and I really like the way it mellows out red wine.

I have the day off tomorrow so expect a few good posts! Maybe there will even be some baking going on including a favorite fall ingredient ;)  Goodnight!


  1. Can you come cook for your pregnant (and always hungry!) friend?! Love the blog, great ideas!

  2. I'd love to! Need to see your growing baby bump soon :)