Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten Min Din

Since I spent the afternoon running errands (aka my Thursday ritual of Homegoods and Target :) and making a pie I really wanted something quick for dinner.

(Got this cool table-runner and a few other house things)

I decided on some mushroom ravioli I had in the freezer. They are sort of expensive so we try to snag them whenever there's a two-fer deal at Whole Foods. The only veggie the man-friend doesn't like is mushrooms, so I hide them in pillowy pasta goodness.  (sooooo sneaky)

I sauteed 1/3 an onion and a large clove of garlic in olive oil S&P and crushed red peppers. I like my ravioli crispy so after they cooked I added them to the pan.

After they browned up a bit I added spinach and cauliflower (if you add it before the rav's the water from the veggies will prevent them from getting crispy)

Topped with a little marinara and feta and the meal was complete!

...oh and the pie was to die :)

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