Friday, November 4, 2011

"Best Chili (veggie) Ever"

...his words not mine! I do make pretty good chili if I do say so myself.  Usually we just eat it with tortilla chips but tonight I made jalapeno corn bread too!

The tiny rice looking stuff on the left is Quinoa. It adds a "meatiness" to the chili along with alot of protein.  

2 large cans of tomatoes ( I used 1 whole peeled and 1 diced)
3 cans worth of any bean you like (I used 1 kidney, 1 black, and half a bag of frozen lima beans)
1 onion
1 jalapeno
chili powder
hot sauce
and the secret ingredient ketchup!

Soften the onions and carrots in a large sauce pan.  Then add everything else starting with the tomatoes.  Don't over do the hot sauce, you can always add more but you can't take it out!

Let simmer.

When Quinoa is cooked (cooks just like rice) add to the pot.

Ooooooooh pretty, so many colors!


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