Thursday, November 3, 2011


For those of you who read the boda post, I was trying to re-create my yellow curry dish! Full disclosure: mine was not as good, not by a long shot.  So that just means I have to go back and get the real deal! 

I've had a jar of Indian red curry simmer sauce in my cupboard for a couple months now.  I decided how to use it.  In a shallow pot I sauteed some onions and carrots to soften.  Then I added a whole bag of frozen cauliflower (so much easier than chopping up a fresh one), and some kale that I had to use.

Added half a jar of the simmer sauce and guessed it! I let it simmer. 

After all the veggies were softened I added a splash of 1% milk for some creaminess, as well ass half a block of cubed tofu.

Served with brown rice and grilled whole wheat naan.  It was good, but Boda's was better.

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