Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunching Ladies

I met my friend Nikki for lunch and we went to the very delightful Aurora Provisions in the West End of Portland.  It is such an awesome little shop with really great soups, sandwiches and anything a foodie like myself could want :) like wine, pastries, bread, and to-go foods.

I am in love with their Roasted Vegetable Sandwich on Rosemary Fococcia.  So, Nik and I split it and each got a cup of soup too.

Roasted veggies, herbed goat cheese on the most delicious bread.  What could be better?

An unsweetened black iced tea rounded out the lunch.  Oh wait, except for the coconut fudgey pecan bar, and flour-less peanut butter cookie with ganache, that we split. No pics.  They were scrumptious though, promise you :)

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