Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amazing "Grace"

We had a fun day of winter festivities! The Portland Symphony Orchestra's "Magic of Christmas" was fantastic! I even ran into a blog fan in the bathroom (Hey Tammy!)

Horse drawn carriage downtown (We didn't ride but it looked really cool!)

Then we went to church! Oh wait, actually we went to Grace,  a restaurant/bar inside an old church (it was a Methodist church for over 100 years!).  It seems fitting though since I worship in the church of food and drink :)

 It was so gorgeous!

There were no tables available so we went to the lounge area, which had a great view over looking the whole place.

Cam and I both got the Oatmeal Stout. It was good!

We shared a few appetizers. Oysters, fried brussel sprouts (yumm), pork belly tacos and braised baby back ribs.  The brussels were a big hit!

Oysters! Mmmmmm

Down the hatch! A great Saturday!

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