Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beets by Dre

I really like beets but they are such a pain to cook and they dye your hands red.  I resorted to the canned version :) Man-friend always claimed to dislike beets until I convinced him to try a bite, he's eaten them ever since.

As promised a big dinner salad.  Spinach with beets (heated in the oven with olive oil S&P) chick peas, goat cheese and pan fried shallots and almonds.  

Tossed with a maple balsamic dressing I whipped up.

I was in the mood for a cocktail so a had a small dirty gin martini with some spicy olives (part of the Christmas loot). We took our tree down which went much smoother than last year with the help of a tree shaped plastic bag I picked up at Target a few weeks back. (Best $1.95 I ever spent.)  Last year was a disaster, we waited wayyy to long to take it down and I swear every needle fell off the tree on the way out. Enjoy the evening!

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