Friday, December 30, 2011

A Bowl Full of Porridge

The man-friend spent the day skiing so he returned home to a steaming pile of porridge to warm is bones... it's actually risotto but the dim lighting makes it look like mush...

 ...but it was delicious mush... On the side red chard sauteed with a glove of garlic. Topped with scallions.  It hit the spot! Chard can have weird almost fishy taste but if you season it it's really good.


New pasta bowls from my sister for Christmas.  Thanks Nora! We've been doing some furniture rearranging tonight.  A new office area/blogging station. Post a pic tomorrow! Time for coconut chai tea and the second book in the Hunger Games series.  I'm addicted; to the tea and the book :)


  1. Looks good, love the bowls. Momma

  2. Those books are amaze!!! I need to get my hands kn the third. Love you! - Sarah q

  3. I've been reading them on kindle because of the instant delivery! Almost finished the second! Ahhh can you believe the major twist of the quarter quell??? Miss you SQ :)