Monday, December 5, 2011

Green and Green in Green

I visited Italy a few years ago and one of my favorite dishes I had was cheese ravioli in sage butter.  I've had it a number of times since then but that version stands out the most in my head! Sage and rosemary are my two favorite spices :) Tonight's dinner is cheese tortellini in a sage buttery sauce with broccoli tossed in! We grocery shopped tonight and have a full fridge! Nothing better. 

Infuse some olive oil and yogurt butter with fresh sage leaves, garlic, salt and pepper. Add broccoli to the pan and mix around.  When tortellini is cooked drain very well and then add that too. I like my torts (or lini's) to have a little crunch so I turned my heat up to high and let them brown a bit.

I got smoked gouda on special at Whole Foods tonight and was dying to have some! So, I cut off a chunk and and grated it to add to the top! Great decision.

Maine Roots are a treat in this house. They are usually sold out but tonight we snagged two!

chomp chomp!

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