Monday, December 5, 2011

Pomegranate How-To

Two of a veggie-heads favorite fruits come out in the winter. Clementines and POMEGRANATES!


and the boxes are totally reusable! This is from last winter and I keep it on my counter top with some cooking essentials. Another is in the bathroom/laundry room containing my dryer sheets and stain removers and cleaners.

How-To Poms! First how to pick them: you want them to feel firm and heavy.  If you come across a lighter weighing one the juice is drying up. If they are too soft they are going bad.  So two key things, heavy and firm. Now that you've got the perfect pom you need to know how to crack into that puppy.  This is the least messy way:

  • Fill up a big bowl of water. 
  • Rinse your pom in the sink
  • Quarter it (cut in half and then in halves again)
  • Submerge the quarters in the water and pick out the arils (seeds) The white fleshy stuff around the seeds floats and the seeds sink (the water keeps the red staining juice from getting everywhere)
  • When the seeds are all freed scoop the flesh off the surface and strain the seeds out of the water
  • EAT!
Creepy looking eh?

Check out these beauties :)

Time to curl up with one of my new teas! Gingerbread maybe???

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