Sunday, December 4, 2011

You'll Sashimi Tomorrow

What better way to end a relaxing Sunday than with take-out! We ordered from Benkay our favorite local Sushi place.  We got alot! Avocado and cucumber roll, Alaskan roll, salmon nigiri(on rice), inari nigiri (tofu on rice)

2 Spicy crunchy tuna rolls and the bestttttttt roll, The Benkay roll.  Tempora'd spicy tuna roll with wasabi cream sauce. To.Die.For.

Seaweed salad

The inner workings of the benkay roll.

Time to digest, watch my Christmas tree twinkle and some Gossip Girl :) Goodnight!

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  1. I Loooooooovvvvve the spicey tuna roll!!! Great choices.