Monday, January 30, 2012


Spagetti squash returns! This time I steamed some spinach to go on top (struggling to get through the big box this week )

Topped with some Whole Foods jarred sauce (pantry staple), spinach and some parm.  This totally satisfied my pasta craving! Off to catch up on some DVR'd shows.  I finished the Hunger Games series the other night (Amazing by the way), so I need a new book! Any recommendations??


Oats for two! Man-friend prepped these oats for us topped with crunchy almond butter. 

I added a few raisins after the photos were taken :)

Mmmm is for Melty
Last of the clems, need more soon! They are like candy!

Bock Bock

We're on a bit of a faux meat kick in this house. Buffalo "chicken"salads with cukes, carrots, avocado and a mix of spinach and green leaf lettuce.

We topped with some light ranch I picked up.  I haven't had ranch in AGES, and man did I forget how good it was!

It looks like real chicken right????
Man friend said it was pretty good!

Chomp chomp chomp! A little root brew to split :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not Sausages

Good morning! Sausage-less breakfast sandwiches on the menu! Morningstar Farms makes great "sausage" links and patties.  I prefer the links because they have a better texture.

This is one crowded pan but less dishes!

Whole wheat english muffins, veggie sausage links and a little smoked cheddar cheese.

Fruit salad consisted of a clementine 3/4 of an apple (the other 1/4 went into my oatmeal yesterday morning) and a banana.  Chopped up and mixed in with a splash of OJ and a couple sprinkles of cinnamon. I always toss fruit salad with a little juice, the citrus keeps it looking fresh and it creates a yummy/guilt free sauce.

Man-friend prefers his open faced so he can fit two eggs I think.  Have a good day!!

Let Me See Your Sushi Roll

Last night we went to Benkay for sushi.  The best sushi around!

Seaweed salads and edamame

 Lots and lots of sushi. Avocado and cucumber & spicy tuna are my favorite

oh wait except for the Benkay Roll. TO DIE FOR! It is a tuna roll tempura'd and then topped with wasabi cream sauce. It was extra wasabi-y tonight sure cleared out my sinuses!

Benkay has the best tiramisu I've ever had which is funny because is non dairy! This gem is made of tofu believe it or not. It's amazing.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expert Wrapper Part Dos

Ever since I had a falafel at The Olive Cafe I've been wanting to make them at home. I did cheat though by buying a mix :). I did make "pickled" onions and cukes and homemade tzatziki though!  

Cukes and onions slices as thin as I could, marinated in S&P, red wine vinegar, and dill.  The tzatziki was made from Fage fat free Greek yogurt (my latest obsession), a little light mayo, juice from half a lemon (the other half was split between my ice water and tupperwear in the fridge :)  S&P, dill and three cloves of garlic.  It was so good!

As promised: A step by step wrap lesson pictorial! (Wrap Lesson Part One)

The grocery page isn't quite ready yet.  Soon! I promise! I'm cheating on it with the only good TV night of the week (in my opinion anyway).  If you don't already watch Parks and Rec, you need to. I almost never laugh out loud at TV or movies (something that drives Cam crazy. I say I'm laughing in my head) But Parks is simply hysterical. Enjoy your night!

Taco Time

Hey there! I can't get enough of hummus tacos. You seriously must try these. So easy.

Step one: (I added black beans for the first time, good choice. I probably have about 10 different ingredients in tupperwear in the fridge at any given time. Half an onion, half a can beans, half an avocado. or tomato.) I often add something just because it's already open/cut and needs to be used. Don't ever let any produce go bad though! FYI canned black beans perish quickly so use them up!

 Step two:
 Step three:
 Edamame on the side. With a spritz of Braggs liquid amino acids (tastes like soy sauce), and sprinkle of sea salt.
Chomp! So flavorful and such a perfect lunch.  Off for a walk in the sunshine!


Breakfast time! Plain Greek yogurt by Fage (I'm currently obsessed with this, pronounced Fa-yeh) It's so thick and creamy and has about 12 grams of protein per serving (half a cup).  For those of you that are skeptical of Greek yogurt  and of the price of it, I seriously recommend trying it.  I consider a serving of Greek yogurt a small meal, and a serving of regular yogurt as a snack.

A little granola, honey and a clementine on the side :) Have a good day everyone!

Treat Yo-Self

Yesterday I went grocery shopping alone so as a treat to myself (knowing I would be carrying it all up our three flights of stairs solo) I filled up on the WF salad bar! Yummm.

Spring mix & green leaf, raisins, cashews, carrots, white beans, tuna salad and BBQ tofu :) The pink drink is pink lemonade flavored emergen-C (I feel a cold coming on, must fight off!)

All with a little drizzle of olive oil and red wine vin.

I have the day off and a ton to do! Check back later for a new tab about my kitchen staples!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Purple Oats

Good morning! oatmeal with blueberries, pecans and maple flavored agave nector. (Mixing in blueberries make your oatmeal purpley)

Half a glass of oj...and coffee of course :)

 Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ensalada Grande

Ensalada! Mmmmm! The last of our spinach and green leaf lettuce was the perfect amount for two giant salads. It was also the last of our avocados, tomatoes and pretty much all of our produce...groceries tomorrow hopefully!

Also inhabiting this mountain o' salad are black beans, scallions, salsa, a little smoke cheddar (freshly grated) sriracha and a fried egg!

It's sort of a taco salad minus the chips and sour cream I deeply desire :)

Have a good night!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fried Rice-less

Hey veggie heads! I hope you all had a great weekend! I was busy busy busy and wasn't able to post! As the beach vacation looms I'm getting more strict with my foods. I've really never been on an actual "diet" in my life but I sure am trying to cut out some of my favorite treats, mainly cheese and crackers and pasta/bread.  Tonights  dinner was basically my favorite fried rice ... minus the rice and the oil. It was sill really good and flavorful! and surprisingly filling!

Big cubes of tofu were our protein. I obviously topped mine with sriracha.

We're so low on Sriracha it scares me! I went to the grocery store to pick some up but the only two bottles left were too far back and on the top shelf. I left with none! Very sad. Very troubling. 

A few almonds and chocolate chips for dessert.  Even with bikini time nearing I just can't go a day without chocolate :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold or Hot

Sometimes you've got to go hearty.  Tonight, I was craving risotto.  I mixed in frozen peas as a veggie and made a small side salad of chopped spinach, tomatoes and cukes (tossed in basil grape seed oil and balsamic). The bowl of creamy risotto screamed winter comfort and the salad scream SUMMER. I guess I'm torn :)

Yummy! Have a good night!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Olive You

We got a Groupon for Christmas from my Aunt Nina and her family to The Olive Cafe on Commercial St in Portland.  We have walked past it a number of times but never made it in.  Boy was I glad we finally did! What a great gift idea too! Experience a local business and get a great deal too!

Oooooh Aaaaaah Mood lighting :)

 Isn't it cute in here???

I had a glass of the vino verde and cam had the Brooklyn Lager

Tasty pita chips with some sort of yogurt sauce in place of the traditional bread bowl, we loved it!

Mussels with rustic organic bread slices

Stuffed grape leaves, one of my favs!

I had the falafel wrap and Cam got the lamb kabobs (he usually has his meat fix when we eat out)  I loved this charming place! The food was great and so was the ambiance! We both agreed that the Groupon brought us in and the food will bring us back!