Thursday, January 5, 2012

12 or 14

Today is my youngest sister's birthday she turned 12...or maybe 14? No, wait...yes definitely 14.  So I used my handy new mixer to whip up a red velvet cake! (shhh it was boxed. I've already measured once this week and that's about all I can take). The green mixer and red cake looks so Christmasy!

I used to be able to justify an extra slice of cake because mixing by hand is so hard... this is the only downside to my kitchenaid

I did make my cream cheese frosting from scratch though. Only because you don't really have to measure anything :) Block cream cheese, stick of butter, bag of powdered sugar and a little vanilla extract.

The writing looks like I dripped it with candle was supposed to be purple but looks more like an icky gray. 

When the cake was finished we hit the road for dinner with my family.

Some apps -> Roasted tomatoes, whole wheat pita and hummus mmmm :)

This is not exactly in the "get beach ready in 30 days" plan but man was it good.  Birthday girls wanted torts (or linis) with alfredo, we also had it with pesto too for an ever so slightly healthier option ;) Happy Birthday Nora!

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