Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expert Wrapper Part Dos

Ever since I had a falafel at The Olive Cafe I've been wanting to make them at home. I did cheat though by buying a mix :). I did make "pickled" onions and cukes and homemade tzatziki though!  

Cukes and onions slices as thin as I could, marinated in S&P, red wine vinegar, and dill.  The tzatziki was made from Fage fat free Greek yogurt (my latest obsession), a little light mayo, juice from half a lemon (the other half was split between my ice water and tupperwear in the fridge :)  S&P, dill and three cloves of garlic.  It was so good!

As promised: A step by step wrap lesson pictorial! (Wrap Lesson Part One)

The grocery page isn't quite ready yet.  Soon! I promise! I'm cheating on it with the only good TV night of the week (in my opinion anyway).  If you don't already watch Parks and Rec, you need to. I almost never laugh out loud at TV or movies (something that drives Cam crazy. I say I'm laughing in my head) But Parks is simply hysterical. Enjoy your night!

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