Saturday, January 14, 2012

Expert Wrapper

Good morning veggie heads!! We desperately need to get to the grocery store! Time to get creative with breakfast! Searching the kitchen this morning I was desperate for a juicy clementine or giant grapefruit.  Instead, I found 2 old bananas, 2 sweet potatoes and 3 brownish lemons. This does not a delicious/nutritious breakfast make. I managed to pull together the fixin's for a breakfast burrito! Whole wheat wraps from my freezer, 4 eggs, some shredded cheese, the last fresh sprig of scallions and a black bean veggie burger.

Wrap Tutorial:
I happen to be an expert rapper wrapper and feel obligated to share my gifts with you all.

  • Lay your wrap flat.  
  • Pile your goods in a oval shape not quite in the center of the wrap but a little closer to you.  
  • Fold in the sides using your pinkys and ring fingers.  
  • Fold over the edge nearest you using your thumbs
  • Roll your wrap while continuing the hold in the folds with all your fingers
(Next time I will take step by step photos of the process :)
I  grilled mine in a hot skillet fold side down first which seared it shut. 

Pool of salsa and sriracha :)

I turned one of the old bananas into a smoothie with vanilla soy milk, random frozen fruit I found in the freezer. A teaspoon of peanut butter and a tiny pour or vanilla extract. Had to add a serving of fruit to our breakfast!

 Have a good day!

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