Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Filet o' Fish

I rarely use my oven to prepare dinner because I'm too impatient. I've found the stove top is the quickest way to get a warm meal in my belly.  But yesterday flounder was on special at Whole Foods so we got 3 thin filets (2 for him 1 for me. We always check the fish counter for good deals the flounder was $8 off per lb!). I have also been hoping for baked sweets for weeks but they take too long to cook. Tonight I had the amazing foresight to put them in the oven before we started our at-home work out (P90x in case you're wondering) and the sweets were cooked to perfection by the time the fish was done. SUCCESS!!

Man-friend declared "Don't touch the fish, that's my specialty." So, I quietly blogged while he worked his magic (and I didn't poke my head into the kitchen once!)

He made an herb crust with panko bread crumbs and baked for 10 minutes at 400*.  2 minutes on broil browned the top perfectly.  Simple spinach salad on the side tossed in Annie's Light Green Goddess dressing.  Reader Amy requested more kale recipes! Kale chips on the menu for lunch tomorrow!! Stay tuned, they're so good! Off to watch Homeland and chop up a pineapple (also on special at W.F.) for dessert!

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  1. I love the kale chips, haven't made them in a while. MMMM, you will love them "reader amy"