Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not Sausages

Good morning! Sausage-less breakfast sandwiches on the menu! Morningstar Farms makes great "sausage" links and patties.  I prefer the links because they have a better texture.

This is one crowded pan but less dishes!

Whole wheat english muffins, veggie sausage links and a little smoked cheddar cheese.

Fruit salad consisted of a clementine 3/4 of an apple (the other 1/4 went into my oatmeal yesterday morning) and a banana.  Chopped up and mixed in with a splash of OJ and a couple sprinkles of cinnamon. I always toss fruit salad with a little juice, the citrus keeps it looking fresh and it creates a yummy/guilt free sauce.

Man-friend prefers his open faced so he can fit two eggs I think.  Have a good day!!

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