Thursday, January 19, 2012

Olive You

We got a Groupon for Christmas from my Aunt Nina and her family to The Olive Cafe on Commercial St in Portland.  We have walked past it a number of times but never made it in.  Boy was I glad we finally did! What a great gift idea too! Experience a local business and get a great deal too!

Oooooh Aaaaaah Mood lighting :)

 Isn't it cute in here???

I had a glass of the vino verde and cam had the Brooklyn Lager

Tasty pita chips with some sort of yogurt sauce in place of the traditional bread bowl, we loved it!

Mussels with rustic organic bread slices

Stuffed grape leaves, one of my favs!

I had the falafel wrap and Cam got the lamb kabobs (he usually has his meat fix when we eat out)  I loved this charming place! The food was great and so was the ambiance! We both agreed that the Groupon brought us in and the food will bring us back!

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