Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowy Mess

It's a snowy mess out there today! I've spent the morning cleaning, drinking coffee, eating oatmeal and cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! On my rounds I found A DEAD MOUSE under the guest bed!! EWWWWWWW.  My stomach's still churning thinking about that tiny little tail poking out from under the bed. I decided to close the door and ignore it until the man-friend gets home later today. 

The pickin' were slim today. I would have gone to the grocery store but the roads are too bad and my car is buried.  Luckily I had a loaf of multi-grain bread and black bean veggie burgers in the freezer.  Along with a handful of spinach left.  I grilled the sandwich in the skillet along with slice of pepper jack cheese.

Half an apple on the side left from my oatmeal this morning.  This sandwich was awesome! Of course a squirted sriracha on every last bite :)

Maybe I'll go play in the snow! Have a good day!


  1. Andrea your blog is super cute! Everything you make looks so tasty and your presentation is always so great(and love all your dishes!). You always seem to be cooking with an ingredient that I wouldn't know what to do with or have never tried..I haven't used any of your recipes yet, but when I stop being lazy I am going to attempt one. Also, love your new office space, it looks so cozy! I enjoy seeing what the latest is that you've made so keep up the good work!!
    Jessie (as in Maggie's Jessie, haha)

  2. Thanks Jessie!!! (I laughed out loud at "Maggie's Jessie haha") I'm glad you're liking it! Thanks for the encouragement :) I hope you're doing well! Most of my dishes are a mix of Target and Pier One!