Monday, January 9, 2012

Somethin' Fishy

The lack of seafood on here must have you wondering if I really am a pescatarian. I am, I swear! On the way home from the gym I had the brilliant idea to stop and get some salmon!

Seasoned with cajun seasoning and pan seared by my spoiled (yet adorable) man-friend who rarely enters the kitchen while I'm working my magic.

Green leaf lettuce tossed in Annie's Light Green Goddess dressing.  Avocados, clementines and toasted pecans made this dish amazzzzing! Man I missed salmon!

Check out that sear!

Mmmm yummy! Getting in bed to read the third book in the Hunger Games series.  Highly recommend you read these books.  I compare them to a cross between Twilight (because of a love triangle) and The Giver.

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