Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taco Time

Hey there! I can't get enough of hummus tacos. You seriously must try these. So easy.

Step one: (I added black beans for the first time, good choice. I probably have about 10 different ingredients in tupperwear in the fridge at any given time. Half an onion, half a can beans, half an avocado. or tomato.) I often add something just because it's already open/cut and needs to be used. Don't ever let any produce go bad though! FYI canned black beans perish quickly so use them up!

 Step two:
 Step three:
 Edamame on the side. With a spritz of Braggs liquid amino acids (tastes like soy sauce), and sprinkle of sea salt.
Chomp! So flavorful and such a perfect lunch.  Off for a walk in the sunshine!


  1. Tell me about the liquid amino acids spray, please!

  2. It's liquid protein and amino acids made from soy beans. I usually add it to asian dishes for some extra nutrients! It's a lot like soy sauce. I use the spray version which is very fun to spray all over the food :) here's the link! (It's usually near salad dressings in the natural section of the grocery tore.)