Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to Reality

There's another St. Thomas post coming soon but a girls gotta eat right?! Last night we went grocery shopping, we had basically nothing left in our fridge! I've been pretty hooked on Greek yogurt and much to my excitement last night I discovered a new kind of Greek yogurt. Wallaby Organic Yogurt (I love regular Wallaby yogurt but usually opt for a higher protein option)

I hope I like them because they were 10 for $10!! Great deal for Greek yogurt! I'll let you know! We got lot's of fresh fruit and veggies as well as a delicious jar of marinara sauce that was being sampled at Whole Foods, Ooma Tesoro's.  It was so simple and flavorful (the way it should be) and I can't wait to use it! I'm thinking up an eggplant polenta dish which will feature it later in the week.

On to the oats! Stovetop oatmeal made with rolled oats, vanilla soy, water, raisins, apples and some cinnamon. Oh, and a little brown sugar :)

 Topped with some almond butter.

As much as I love vacation, I also love getting back to my normal routine...and nothing is more routine for more than oatmeal for breakfast!

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