Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogging on Island Time Part III

On our last night on the island we went to dinner at XO Bistro.  Everything on the menus looked really good! We ended up sharing a big house salad (Man did I need greenery by this point in the trip!!) and two mini pizzas.

Some champagne and a brew to celebrate a great trip :)

Mood lighting set the mood but made for shadowy pictures. 

one pizza have roasted reds and portobello and the other was bruschetta-esq with a balsamic glaze. Both were delightful!

a dessert too... described as part cheesecake part brownie. So good, peanut butter and chocolatey goodness.

After dinner we went out for one last coconutty drink...

So Euro looking right?
While we waited for out flight home we walked around Charlotte Amalie, picked up some keepsakes and searched for a veg filled lunch.

Boy did we find it at Pita Express, the ambience was amazing on this little street (Palm Passage) with outdoor seating and a great healthy lunch menu.

I got the avocado pita that was to die! It also contained sprouts, carrots, lettuce, tomato and swiss. On the side a little potato salad and a balsamic cole slaw! Loved it all!

Man-friend had this beastly sandwich filled with Roast Beast :) He opted for the pasta salad which I snagged a bite of.

So long we'll miss you paradise!! Back to the chilly northeast!

When we landed in rainy (yet surprisingly not frigid) Boston we headed to Whole Foods to have a quick dinner. Yumm! Airport food is so pricey for the quality. I'll take a WF salad bar over a $9 plastic wrapped egg salad sandwich any day :) 

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