Monday, February 6, 2012

Bowling for Soup

What a beautiful afternoon! I spared you from another oatmeal post this morning with my current favorite mixins - raisins, apple, almond butter, and a little plain greek yogurt :) Last night we attended a Superbowl party and I brought Veggie Chili yummy! The bad news is, New England lost ( I don't pretend to like sports but man did the men take it hard last night!)

Brian feeding Cam :) Hey Sarah (the only one smiling)

Wings that smelled good :)

The good news is there was left over chili! A bowl for lunch on top of a mounding pile of spinach (that steamed wayyyyyy down in the microwave and is now barely visible)  

Topped with Half an avocado, a little cheese, scallions and sriracha :) Vacation is fast approaching! I also had enough chili left to freeze a quart for when we return to an empty fridge, gotta plan ahead!

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