Friday, February 24, 2012

The Room in the Front

Tonight we celebrated my 10,000th hit a little more (I love celebrations of any kind). Mainely Veggies is really a team effort and I am very lucky to have such supporting person by my side helping, encouraging and stuffing himself full of veggies day after day. Thanks Cam :) When my blog first hit 100 views I was ecstatic! I said, "Imagine 1,000 views... or 10,000 VIEWS!?" What better reward for keeping kitchen creative than letting someone else do the cooking!? So, tonight we went to The Front Room, described as "New American comfort foot," we agreed.

We shared a bottle of Red Zin from Sonoma (we have opted for California wines ever since visiting Napa last spring, don't worry we had it corked and brought some home :)

Rosemary (my favorite spice ever) focaccia and olive oil, on with our Italian food kick.

Smoked salmon served on top of homemade brown bread topped with capers.  It was so good! We decided to step outside our appetizer box tonight, we almost alway get our favs, i.e. mussels, oysters or calamari. This was different and very very good :)

For my entree I got the Blue Cod special which was supposed to come with fennel risotto (which sounded amazing but was made with chicken stock) so I substituted for mashed potatoes.  The fish was cooked perfectly, I loved it! The green beans were cooked but still had some crunch (the best).

Blurry, he was blinded by hunger and could not focus the lens :)

Cam had the lamb Shepard's pie which he said reminded him of the hearty meals of his childhood (I'm going to make a veg version soon) He L-O-V-E-D this meal. Maybe he is a little meat deprived?!

We write memories on corks and save in a jar :) Cool right?? Have a great weekend! 

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