Monday, February 27, 2012

Special People

I had a busy weekend filled with friends and family. On Saturday morning some ladies and I headed to a baby shower for our dear friend Kim. It was a wonderful shower and not to mention serious learning experience (who knew babies required so many gadgets???)

Check out all of that pink! 
Can't wait to meet you Mia Grace!! 

After the shower we had a girls night out, followed by a delicious breakfast the next morning at Artemisia Cafe.

I had the california omelet (filled with mushrooms, avocados, salsa, and sour cream) with some taters and really good multigrain bread. I've been wanting to try this breakfast spot and am so glad I did! It was so good! Be back next weekend maybe???

This is a veggie hash enjoyed by Jessie
Later that afternoon Cam and I headed to my parents for a belated family birthday dinner. 

Mom tried out some new recipes for me including these black bean egg rolls. They were very good.

For dinner we had salad and butternut squash mac n' cheese (which I enjoyed again for lunch today :)

Followed by this sunflower-esq peep cake which was amazzzze. It was my favorite flavor chocolate with mocha buttercream filling. I've had this almost every year since I was in middle school (when I thought eating mocha made me more grown up :) Thanks to all those special people I spent the weekend with!! Xoxo

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