Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ten Thousand Miles

...ok so not actually 10,000 miles, but 10,000 HITS! Tonight, we're celebrating Mainely Veggies' 10,000th page view! Thank you for reading! I hope you continue to :)

Celebratory Fro- Yo actually consumed after dinner. I got Nutella and plain swirl with m&m's and rasps. So good!

I've been planing this grilled eggplant and polenta concoction all week.  We whipped out the grill tonight! A sure sign that spring is on it's way!

Piled high and topped with Ooma Tesoros marinara sauce that we sampled at Whole Foods Portland last week.  It was really great. I'm not a fan of thick marinara sauce and this was thin, simple, and tomatoey. Just the way I like it! We both loved it and will definitely buy it again.  It went really well on the eggplant and polenta too! It was a cross between eggplant parm and lasagna.

Grilled bread on the side as well as a simple spinach salad tossed with BV and EVOO.

Serious concentration. 
A little vino too.  My Man-friend loved the meal and requested more Italian nights, I may have to oblige :) Now time for the best night of TV!

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