Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mussels by the Man

Two posts in a row featuring pasta?! Weird eh? Well it is to me anyway.  I'm glad the solo dinners are through (the man-friend was out of town most of this week). What a terrible week to be away too considering it was Maine Restaurant Week!  We planned to go enjoy the final night of the wonderful deals tonight but due to sleepiness (on my part) we decided to stay in instead. 

I returned home from work to a fridge full of food including Maine wild mussels.  Tossed in with wheat pasta, marinara and spinach.  Delightful! I sat back and relaxed while this feast was prepared for me which is probably my favorite part about it! I did contribute the side salad though :)

This Clos Du Val primitivo is one of wines left from our Napa Valley trip last spring.  We've been very slowly working our way through the bottles we shipped home.  It was as good as I remembered! (Actually I barely remember visiting this vineyard, if you ever go to wine country remember, all those sips of wine add up!)

Chomp Chomp Chomp!! Off to bed early tonight, hitting the slopes tomorrow bright and early!

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