Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rosario's ZA

Did you know that ZA is actually a word? Short for pizza! I use it in scrabble whenever possible :) On Saturday Cam sampled Rosario's organic whole wheat pizza crust at Whole Foods (we'll be trying their pesto soon!).  The company is from Bristol, Maine! WF is sort of nightmare on weekend days (like all stores pretty much).  We prefer to go on weeknight's when its a little less crowded and feel like we can take our time to shop around for deals and plan our meals. But one advantage to shopping on the weekends are the samples! So glad he caught this one.

It was $6.99 for two crusts. A little on the pricey side but not if you consider how much takeout is and that it is LOCAL!

1/2 pesto, tomato, mozz, and spinach. 1/2 spinach, feta, tomato, rosemary, and garlic oil. This crust was so delicious and got so CRISPY! It was great! It was also so easy! Just unwrap and top with your fav fixin's and put into 475* oven. After about 9 minutes it was crisped to perfection!

Side salad to round out the meal! Time to sip some tea and watch Kitchen Nightmares! My new addiction! Have a great night!

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