Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Very Rare Meat Post

Every year we make a traditional boiled dinner for St Patrick's Day! I'm not even a little Irish but the man-friend has a wee bit in him so we embrace it :) This year I was cooking the day after St Patrick's day so I headed to WF hoping to find a day after sale on corned beef. No such luck. Holy moly meat is pricey! 

I plopped (literally) the beef (which came pre-seasoned) in the crock pot with some garlic, onions, carrots and a beer. Added some water to make sure it was all submerged. Then let simmer on low for a few hours. It smelled good. But I did not taste it. I taste food I'm cooking throughout the entire process and the weirdest part about cooking meat is not knowing if it is flavorful??

I was more interested in using this serving dish I haven't used yet :)

That's my bowl full-o-veggies, cabbage, carrots, onions, and taters.

Not much any protein in my veg plate... but it was pretty tasty. This weekend was so gorgeous! I spent the day out side with my gal pal Maggie! Time to relax and watch the polar bears on Frozen Planet. Have a great night!

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