Sunday, April 1, 2012

Suppa for Breakfast

This afternoon I went to Hot Suppa with some people from work for a late brunch. It as my first time there and I loved it! The first thing I noticed was Sriracha sauce on the table which is RARE.  Their Bloody Mary's were VERY spicy, which I love. They have eggs benedict which is my favorite breakfast splurge (with a veggie option of fried green tomatoes instead of Canadian bacon). And then to top it off they have grits (almost never seen this far north :) I was pretty pleased before even getting my meal, can you tell?!

Cool decor

Super spicy bloody with dilly beans, olives and pickled okra

Eggs benedict with lots-o-fruit
I should have known it'd be really good judging but the line outside waiting to get in, but it was AWESOME! I will be back very soon.

I'm currently creating a meat  veggie loaf for dinner. I'll be back to tell you how it goes!

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