Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dinner Time Summer Style

Does any meal scream summer more than corn on the cob and seafood? I happen to love, love, love corn especially on the cobb (and baby corn from a can).
While the Man-friend tended to the corn and salmon on the grill I prepared mussels for the first time solo. I love to eat seafood but do not love to cook it, I like it best when prepared for me. It actually wasn't so bad! I sautéed two large cloves of garlic roughly chopped in a tablespoon or so of olive oil, add some S&P and a healthy sprinkle (I actually slipped and added much more than I'd hope for!) of red pepper flakes. After these sautéed all together for a couple minutes I added a big glug of white wine, rinsed the mussels in the sink and added them to the pot. I used my wok because... well because I like my wok. No other reason! 
When the mussels opened up I turned off the heat and left them covered so they'd stay warm while I waited for the salmon and corn to be ready. The Man-friend brushed the fish with maple syrup and seasoned with S&P. Delightful. 
First corn of the season! If you soak the corn in it's husk you can grill it like that! This being the first corn of the season we misjudged how long it takes to cook, if you look closely the left side looks pretty raw! The salmon was cooked to perfection though! 
Dinner enjoyed before dark watching the boats!

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