Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date Night

Friday night is date night in this house. The weather was beautiful and we headed out to drink and dine wherever the wind blew us. We checked out a newish restaurant on Congress Street called LFK. We had never been there before but it was very busy and had a cool atmosphere.  We looked over the menu over a couple of drinks and it looked really good. However, we were already on the list for a table across the street at Boda.
Vino Verde for me and a brew for the man-friend. There are so many amazing restaurants in Portland we try to try new places as much as possible, but we keep going back to Boda because it's sooo tasty.
Quail eggs with soy sauce and scallions, delicious!!
We both ordered our favorite entrees. The Yellow Curry Jay for me! Beef Panaeng for my date.
Yumm!! Great date :)

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