Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wonderful Whaddapita

Last night I met my gal-pal Maggie for dinner at Whaddapita. It was within walking distance from her house and I had never been. Perfect! I was so pleased with their awesome menu and friendly staff (located on Forest Ave in Portland). Delighted by multiple vegetarian pita options I asked for a recommendation (I almost always do, partially because I'm indecisive and partially because the staff must know best!). 
I went with the suggested eggplant pita which consisted of eggplant dip, feta, tomato, onions, and french fries (inside!). Wrapped up in a freshly made pita. It was awesome!!! Being the awesome girl friend I am, the man-friend even got to text in his order to me and have it brought home :) He loved his too!
Sorry that this was taken after the first bite...this happens sometimes when I'm super hungry. I forget I am a blogger and just dive in :)
Baklava to split for dessert!! We'll definitely be back!!

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