Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beet the Heat

It's becoming clear that I have a thing for puns.... Its been so hot out and we've been super busy over here!! For dinner veggie burgers and a salad because it's quick!!
Morning Star Farms Turk'y Burger with farm fresh lettuce on whole what bread. We have had so many greens from our farm share its necessary to have them almost every day! What a great habit! 
We got beets and our farm share last week and I sort of forgot about them in the fridge. When I discovered them they were getting a bit soft so I took them out to  cook right away. To my delight the peeling process was SO much easier than if they had been a firm as they were when we got them. I decided to make beat chips to add to the salad! Sliced thinly and baked at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes in a bit of olive oil. Lots of s&p sprinkled too. Finish with goat cheese and strawberry balsamic dressing and this salad rocked! 
I highly recommend getting a farm share! It costs quite a bit up front but you enjoy fresh veggies all summer long and throughout the fall harvest. It also keeps things interesting because you are forced to cook with ingredients you aren't used to. We all get stuck in grocery ruts. I've used canned beets before and like them a lot but I'm happy to say my first FRESH beet usage was a success! 

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