Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Read at Reid

Who doesn't love a good pun? A wonderful beach day was spent as Reid State Park with my sisters last week. Reading and sunning ourselves. You know catching up on current events like the Tom-Kat split as reported by People Magazine and the like.
Trashy magazines enjoyed in my abnormally large beach chair... 
Sisters also catching up on "news".
A few hours after we arrived this stampede of middle school aged kids arrived. Marching on as far as the eye can see. I swear this had to be all the 12-14 year olds in the mid-coast area. Their chaperones are brave, brave individuals! 
Nothing like a day spent in your bathing suit to put you in the salad mindset. Now, this is a SALAD. In order for a salad to suffice for dinner in this house, it's got to be ginormous. This was packed full of our farm share goodies as well as two hard boiled eggs each and a sprinkle o' jack cheese for protein. 
Annie's Honey Mustard was the perfect dressing!

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