Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quick Quinoa Salad

I have been super busy the last few days and have some blogging to catch up on! I hope everyone had a great weekend and start to the week. Our farm share this summer is going really great so far. We eat a lot of veggies in this house (as you may have noticed) and we are actually struggling to eat all the goods we're getting each week from the farm (no complaints, just need to get creative and not let anything get wasted!) During the winter we eat a lot of frozen veggies, so with all these fresh ingredients I'm determined to enjoy them in their raw state. This meal is from Monday night. I decided on a salad to use a lot of the veggies but we didn't have much lettuce sooooo quinoa made host to the veggies! 
I love quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). It's a great grain! You cook it just like rice but it takes about half the time. 2 to 1 water to quinoa ratio when cooking! It really bulks up too and also looked like a curly cue :)
Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, scallions and feta stirred into cooled quinoa and dressed with olive oil and balsamic s&p. Hiding on the bottom are mixed cooking greens that I steamed with shallots and tossed in balsamic too.
C'mon jump on the quinoa band wagon! 

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