Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Real Maine Meal

In lieu of our usual Friday night dinner out we decided to stay home and have the ultimate Maine meal. Lobster! The prices of soft shells are quite low right now and we got two 1 1/2 lb lobsters for $18. Not too bad considering how much a meal at one of Portland's delicious, yet somewhat pricey restaurants would have been. We loaded up a tray with all the goods and headed to the patio. 
Geary's Summer Ale :)
Mmmm real butter :)
salad made from red scallion bulbs, cucumber, kohlrabi (all from this weeks farm share) and tomato. The dressing is greek yogurt, thyme s&p and lemon juice. We enjoyed our fest outside by tiki light until an unwelcome (but someone cute) SKUNK scared us into the house! Back inside to enjoy another Maine favorite...
A whoopie pie to share!! Have a great weekend!

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