Monday, July 9, 2012

Whole Wheaty Pizza

I recently bought a pizza stone and have been dying to try it out.  We often buy Rosario's pre made crusts and just throw them in the oven with whatever toppings we fancy. But I had to try out my new stone so this week I went with their frozen whole wheat dough instead purchased at Whole Foods. (Rosario's is a Maine company that makes great pizza dough, shells, sauces and other goodness. Locations to purchase are available on their website Now time to try out my stone! And pizza cutter too!
Roll is out...
...nice and thin and top with pesto
...some mozzarella cheese...fresh veggies...more cheese (feta)
throw it in the oven and voila! 
The dough was great and so wheaty... is that a word? Anyway, it was awesome and we loved it. Even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

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