Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach to Beacon Weekend!

I spent last Thursday and Friday at our family camp. Doing the usual camp things, snacking, sipping beers, kayaking, swimming and swatting away bugs. It was relaxing and nice to spend time with family but I was a little nervous for Saturday to arrive because I was running my first 10k! The Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth.
My sister made these tiny dirt cups! Haven't had these in ages! When I got home from camp Friday evening a made a giant bowl of whole wheat pasta, veggies and feta as pre-race fuel. I also gulped down A TON of H2O.
Bright and early Saturday morning I made my usual oats accompanied by a large bottle of water, did a couple stretches, and laced up my shoes.
Neon Team raising money for Big Brother Big Sisters. If you want to contribute you can do so here:
The race was great but really hard because of the HEAT. I don't think I have ever been so sweaty in my entire life! 
Sunday morning appeared like rain so I lingered around doing house chores, and making these awesome egg salad sandwiches. For the two of us I used 5 eggs. If you don't know the secret perfect hard boiled eggs with the weird green tint of the yolk, here it is! Put the eggs in the pot of water when the water is cold, bring the water to a boil then turn off heat. Set a timer for 12 minutes then remove the eggs. Perfect every time!
A tablespoon of light mayo and big squirt of mustard. Toasted whole wheat buns a slice of swiss and some farm fresh lettuce!
After we realized the rain was hours away we hit the beach! After lounging on the beach for a couple hours I figured out what to do of the CSA veggies I needed to use. A big veggie roast! 
Peeling beets is a messy business!
Beets, zucchini, fennel, a large sweet onion, carrots, olive oil and rosemary went in the roasting pan. Lots of s&p of course :)
Man-friend made a panko encrusted haddock and we steamed some swiss chard too :)
The veggies roasted for about and hour and a half on 400*. All the veggies came out pink! I have a couple more posts to catch up on, be back later!

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