Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I've posted about Portland's LFK before. The first time we went was for a pre dinner cocktail and later went to another restaurant for dinner. A few weeks ago my Man-friend bought a Living Social deal though. $20 for $10. Great deal! We live pretty close and walked there hoping the rain would hold off. It did :)
 We got a few brews, they have a great selection. The vibe in this place is really coo. Communal tables and working type writers all around add to the cool factor. 
When we were here last I saw someone with these tempeh tacos and decided I must try them. The Man-friend got the carnivorous version. Notice the Sriracha in the background? 
On the side was a black bean and jalapeno salad and a green salad. My mine was really good but Man-friend LOVED his. The meals were very reasonably prices. Less than $10 each. With our beers and Living Social coupon we left only paying a few extra dollars. 

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