Thursday, August 9, 2012

Veggies are Great for Grillin'

Can you believe fall is almost here??? As much as I love the great weather of August, it is a little saddening knowing that fall (and then winter!) is just around the corner.  Got to enjoy this great grillin' weather while it's here! This weeks CSA (aka farm share) featured green peppers, more eggplant and big sweet onions. I love love love grilled vegetables so I chopped these goodies into about 1 inch pieces and skewered them. Vegetarians love grilled food too!
Placed on a cookie sheet for easy preparation and transport. I drizzled the skewers in olive oil and seasoned them with Montreal steak (there is no steak in this, just good spices!) 
While my Man-friend fired up the grill I got to work on a quinoa pilaf to eat with the veggies.   Carrots, onions, a little yogurt butter and went in with a cup of cooked quinoa. It was really tasty! Just before we ate I realized our dinner had no PROTEIN! I popped open a can o garbonzo (chick peas) beans and stirred them into the pilaf. Hey not great protein but it's all we had! 
Topped with some feta :)
I wish you could see the pilaf in the picture because it was so good!  

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