Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fried Quinoa for the Twihard

Last nights dinner was based on my fried rice recipe but made with quinoa instead. It was a cinch and super satisfying. The Man-friend had made a large, manly, meaty, crock pot something or other yesterday and was having leftovers for dinner so I was on my own. With Thanksgiving fast approaching I wanted to use up some of the fresh produce that needed to the be eaten. A small cabbage (still left from our farm share which ended a couple weeks ago and I am sadly missing!), celery, onions, baby corn and eggs thrown in with cooked quinoa with garlic and soy sauce. 
Yup, that's my shadow! I've got to figure out this lighting thing...
Delightfully enjoyed on the couch while patiently waiting to see TWILIGHT. Yes, it's true I am a Twihard. It was so good with a crazy twist at the end. I chomped on popcorn and managed to make it through the previews without finishing it. A personally victory for me :) 

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