Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To's and To Do's

Oh the joys of homeownership... We have the spent the last week doing projects around the house. One task, sanding and polying our wooden countertops left me with VERY minimal use of kitchen including the sink! I was sort of ok with not having the counter space but man was it difficult not using any water. I had to get creative with meals. There was a little bit of takeout...
Sushi from Benkay in Portland, best sushi in Portland in my opinion!
Above is the Benkay Roll which is to-die-for. Tuna tempura topped with wasabi cream sauce. DELISH.
There was some defrosted soups that I had frozen over the past couple weeks. Root vegetable and tomato vegetable and orzo were enjoyed with cheesy garlic bread made from whole wheat naan. 
The vegetable orzo is awesome topped with feta and lots and lots of hot sauce.
There was also a veggie burger with sweet potato fries. Bulky sourdough roll from the Whole Foods bakery grilled to perfection with sweet fries seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika... 
While the Man-friend spear-headed the countertop project I decided to paint our half bathroom on the first floor. We affectionately refer to it as the smallest bathroom in America, because actually may be. I initially thought it would be easy to paint a bathroom so miniature but it's a tight squeeze for a small person in there never mind a person, a ladder, a paint tray and a much too large plastic tarp. After a couple of hours and covered in paint from the top of my bun to the tip of my toes I admired my work. "Mimosa" from Martha Stewart paint was the perfect color for the tiny room. 
oh, and there was a fair amount of vino enjoyed too :)


  1. Can't wait to see the home improvements!

  2. I can't wait to your place Andrea!!! Allie and I were discussing a possible ladies, heel free, clear cocktail get together at your place : ) what do you think?