Thursday, December 13, 2012

$5 Meal Deal

I bet you thought you were reading a post about Subway when you read the title :) We love these organic raviolis from Whole Foods. They have a bunch of different varieties and is a perfect weeknight dinner for two! I like put my cooked 'olis (my slang for raviolis) in a hot skillet to get them crispy. Add some shallots and garlic, a bit of yogurt butter and s&p. Tasty goodness!
I steamed this giant bunch of rainbow chard to serve the 'olis on. I don't think you can really tell how enormous this bunch was.
As a comparison check out my double toaster behind it. It's twice the size! I contemplated whether to cook the entire thing but I'm glad I did because it shrunk wayyyyyy down!
Chomp Chomp! You've gotta try these. $5 meal for two! You can't beat it!

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