Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Spice Filled Sunday

I'm a bit behind on my posts from this week. Time to catch up! Last Sunday night I made coconut curry soup with tofu. I've made this a couple times and it always bit different. The base is a carton of veggie stock and a can of light coconut milk (honestly, I think I like the regular coconut milk's just richer). Veggies thrown in there- garlic & onion (sauteed) carrots, sweet potato, snap peas and baby corn. For spices- a dash of cayenne, curry powder and garam masala.
I threw in some shaved (unsweetened) coconut impulsively. Added a little more texture.
On the side we had brown basmati rice that I scooped in a bit at a time.
After dinner I was feeling super festive and wanting to spread some holiday cheer. What better way than with a nice batch of cookies to share :) I don't bake a ton because of my dislike of measuring things but I was in the mood. I trusted my idol Martha with a chewy molasses cookie recipe. I followed the recipe closely but not exactly (I used whole wheat flour and because I've found it causes recipes to be more dry than white flour does I added three tablespoons of nonfat plain Greek yogurt to help with moistness. I also used raw sugar instead of white granulated) After I taste tested the first batch I thought they needed more sugar. I didn't trust myself because I love sugar so much but after consulting the Man-friend he agreed and I added about a quarter cup to the remainder of the batch. They were so tasty and chewy but after reading the reviews online others found the cookies needed more sugar too. I would recommend this recipe but I would definitely add another half cup of sugar to the recipe from the start.
Love getting to use my bright green mixer!
Looks like a doughnut eh?
I'll admit to eating more than my share of these tasty treats :)

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