Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Very Merry Three Christmases

Happy New Year veggie heads! Long time no blog! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year enjoying lots of food and good times with family and friends. I was crazy busy (like everyone else I'm sure) but I'm glad to be back to blogging and excited to get this new year started. Here are some highlights from my holiday!
Christmas #1
First stop my parents house to enjoy time by the tree, gifts, and a fabulous meal of butternut squash lasagna.  
Mom's festive Christmas table!
Delicious lasagna with spinach and butternut squash that I believe my mom got from the Trader Joe's website. I really prefer white lasagna over the traditional made with red sauce. Do you?
Cute chalkboard glasses with a lil' bit of wine in the bottom. 
Yule log for dessert. Looks and tasted like a giant swiss roll :)
Christmas #2
Christmas Eve in Minot with my Aunt and Uncle's family. Last year we went a little crazy with tons of different dishes and this year we decided to downsize (slightly). We scaled back to just appetizers and my Uncle Bill's famous fish chowder. Unfortunately I gobbled up my bowl faster than I could find my camera.  
I was in charge of the cheese tray, cranberry stilton, smoked gouda and brie :) A few weeks ago I had pinned (on Pinterest) "How to Make the Perfect Cheese Tray," so I was ready!
Nanny's spinach dip with pumpernickle bread, always a hit! After we stuffed our selves we sat down for the annual yankee swap which always entails a mixture of awesome, random, and awful (three years ago I brought a sparkly Jesus shaped coin bank that resurfaces every year) gifts. There are some gems in there but mostly it's just fun. 
Christmas #3
Up to Bangor for Christmas morning.
Brunch looking over the Penobscot River!
Monkey bread! My family makes this almost every year for Christmas but this was my first time making it by myself. It was actually really easy but not healthy. Regardless, I did proceed to eat half myself though...tis the season. 
Monkey Bread:
Bundt pan (thanks mom!)
2 packages of pizza dough 
stick of butter (melted)
shallow bowl with brown sugar and cinnamon
Spray your bundt pan. Roll dough into balls, dip in butter, roll in sugar mixture and fill up the pan. Bake on 350* until it firms up! I think it was about 30 minutes. You could make a frosting glaze for the top if you wanted but I assure you it was plenty sweet! 
Mmm notice my bloody mary in the background :)
Gifts from my Man Friend. You think he wants me busy in the kitchen? Yep, I think so too! After some gifting and laughs we sat down for Christmas dinner.
Dinner was a meaty feast with lamb and beef (I think?) but I had a big 'ole plate of veggies. Fine by me! Are you surprised most of my highlights were food related? You shouldn't be. Did anyone make a New Years resolution to become a vegetarian??

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