Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be My Galentine/ Valentine

Back from vacation and back to normal! We went to Florida last week and it always takes me a little while to get back into the swing of things. I'll be making a Florida post later this week but first things first, Valentines day! I kicked things off with a lovely Galentines day (get it, valentines with your gals?!) earlier in the week. We did what we do best eat, drink and gab. We made a cheesy Martha (Stewart) fondue recipe that we dove in too fast to catch a shot of... 
We did take our time with these beauties though! Is it just me or are they pretty Barbie-ish?
I just love decorating cookies, definitely more fun than baking them. 
Thanks for the fun time girls! Valentines Day doesn't have to be just about a significant other! Just show people you love you care about them by making time and doing something fun :)
                                                              *  *  *
I had valentines day off and decided to channel my inner mom (I am not a mother, maybe someday!) and make heart shape pancakes for my Man-friend before he left for work. The first one came out great but it was all down hill from there...(must hone mom skills).
I made my now favorite three ingredient pancakes from this post. Topped with strawberry sauce (just frozen strawberries heated up and smushed (is that a word?) with a splash of OJ), peanut butter and coconut. Delightful way to start the day of love.
After breakfast I broke out my double boiler and got to work making some chocolate covered strawberries (is there anything better?!) when a package of chocolate covered strawberries arrived at the door. YUM now we have a problem there. 
In an effort to avoid the crowds we have always (except last year when we were out of town) made an elaborate dinner at home on Valentines Day. We cook slowly, eat and sip prosecco slowly and just enjoy our time together :)
We got lobsters and mussels, rolls from Rosemont Bakery, and made a spinach salad. 
and ate millions o' strawberries for dessert :) I hope everyone had a wonderful V-Day!

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